30 August 2006

The Flea Market

OK, some friends dropped by my house on Sunday and said, come on we're going to go to the flea market in one of the big towns close by. It was so fun! I won't be able to communicate what it was truly like, it is something you must experience for yourself, but I'll try. We pull into the parking lot, and one of my friends says, we are going to stand out as the only white people. She and our other friend can pass for more olive and darker skinned nationalities than I can, which made me laugh, because this white girl would definitely stand out.

Well, we really didn't see any other white people, but it was almost better that way. This market was huge! It had maps, streets with names, an entire produce row that went the length of the whole market (with really fresh and inexpensive fruit), and of course, the all important Mexican food including mango with chili on a stick and cups of fresh sliced fruit and vegetables. It was like being back in Mexico...felt like home. We got to listen to lots of spanish and walked around, I tried this fruit called tuna, which I think is a prickly pear. it was good, but I didn't like the seeds. On the way home, we stopped and got some agua fresca: one was horchata (and the best I've probably ever had) and one made of pinapple (so good!) This market even had a kind of car lot in the middle of nicer used cars. Crazy!! I can't wait to go again and am so glad our one friend picked us up for it.


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