19 September 2006

Labor Day

I know, labor day was a while ago, but it has been a crazy couple of weeks at work. So, here's what I did. Work gave me 5 days off in a row (wow) so I drove up to see a friend in a mountain town about 3 hours away and went to the county fair. Quite the experience. I don't think there is any need to have reunions up there, everyone just meets every year at the fair. Crazy. I also got pulled over that night, asked about a million questions, and passed my first sobriety test. The guy kept asking if I had drinken anything alcoholic that night, to which I replied no, and after the test he said," you know what? I actually believe you." Which is good since I was telling the truth.

After the parade the next day, I went to visit my family in a nearby town and some of our longest term friends and went swimming and hung out and had lots of fun.

Then, I went and helped my parents do some landscaping projects at the house they are trying to sell. It was really fun, I even learned how to put in a drip system as well as experienced my first broken pipe and how to fix it. Much fun for sure! Pictures to come as soon as I receive them!


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