19 September 2006

Walking a what?

So, I was out running the other day and saw a very strange thing. Two different sets of people were walking their birds. The birds were just sitting on the owner's hand or shoulder and the people were walking along. Bizarre. Then, today I was going to read on the beach when I saw a guy biking with his dog in one of those kid carriers that go on the back of a bike. I think dogs normally like to run. Hmm..

In other bird news, I'm going to say that pelicans migrate. If they don't I saw alot of them flying at once. I was taking a walk down the beach on one of my days off and saw a flock of pelicans fly by....and then another..and another. So, I counted one of the groups and then watched as they continued to appear on the horizon and proceed to fly by me. Crazy. In about 15 minutes, I estimate conservatively that about 300 pelicans flew by.


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