19 September 2006


At work the other night, it was just me and all the guys because the other girl is on vacation, and it was a funny night. We were waiting to plate up the food for 3 different parties, and we had taped the menus for the party on a sheet pan and propped it up in a way that is too complex to explain. Anyway, at one point, I was looking at it or something and turned to the side and suddenly it just fell, right on my head. All of us were laughing so hard. And then, about 10 minutes later, I had just walked by it when it fell and made this crazy crashing sound, which caused more laughter. The next night, we were catering an event off site of the hotel and I was trying to plug something in, or getting something under one of the portable lights, but misjudged where it was an knocked my head on the under side. Didn't hurt, but it did set all of us laughing again. Oh well.


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