27 October 2006

Culinary and other mishaps

So, I learned something interesting at work the other day. Did you know that avocados can come as seedless? I was making guacamole, and if you are unfamiliar with using avocado, this is was one does to it. Grasping the avocado in the non dominant hand, you insert the knife near the stem end and slide it through the avocado until it hits the seed. Then, you rotate the avocado around the blade until you make a full circle. Well, I was slicing my merry little way along, when suddenly I slid my knife in the stem end and sliced down to the seed, but the knife kept going until slid into part of my hand. A very nice cut, and originally I wasn't sure what happened, but once I cleaned up my hand I looked at the avocado. I thought maybe the seed had split in two, it has been known to happen, but lo and behold, there was no seed. No one else has ever heard of or come across a seedless avocado, so I guess I am just special. No worries, I didn't need stitches or anything.

In other news, I was across the street getting milk the other day, and decided to take a short cut back to the sidewalk. I ran up this steep dirt incline and made the jump to the sidewalk and misjudged slightly, catching my back foot on the side of the walk. Down I went and landed on the milk with one hand and the sidewalk with the other. Did you know if you put enough pressure on a milk container, the top pops off. Yep, so there is milk glugging down the street, and I scramble up and rescue the remaining milk and the cap, and continue on my way home. I think it would have been embarrassing, but there was no one around to see it, not even any cars, so it is actually just really funny.


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