01 November 2006

This one is disgusting

O.K. if you have germ or other phobias or just can't handle uncleanliness, this entry is not for you. In fact, I myself was a bit um...grossed out. Just a bit, but I"ve had to deal with this kind of thing before. Here goes. So, my vacuum cleaner broke a few weeks ago, and to tell the truth, I was never quite sure it did the greatest of jobs, but it did pick up some of the junk in my carpet. So, I borrowed a friend's vacuum to clean my carpet, and wow, this vacuum was amazing (and mine obviously wasn't working well, as you will see.) About two thirds of the way across my carpet, I started smelling a burning smell. If this has ever happened to you (especially as a girl) you might know what it was. Dad showed me how to deal with this problem before. So, I tilted the vacuum over and sure enough, the bristle roller was so clogged with hair that it wouldn't move very well, hence the burning smell of the hair. So, I grabbed some trusty scissors, cutout all the hair and cleaned the bristles so well, that it will be returned in great condition. Talk about a hairball, yikes! In fact, I revacuumed my house and cleaned out the vacuum one more time to be on the safe side. At least now I know it won't happen again. New vacuum, here I come.


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