27 November 2006


Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers...a bit late I know but neverless, happy. My mom and dad came down to visit for a week, and my work gave me 5 days off in a row in order to celebrate with them. Their first night here, they stayed in the hotel I work for, and I got to give them a behind the scenes tour. Mom's favorite spots....the wine room and the floral shop. They also got to meet many of my co-workers who have become like family.
After work the next day, we left to go up to visit our family's best friends in the mountains. I love going up there, it is so beautiful and refreshing, and a true family get together. I think there were about 19 of us all around the table, eating good food and enjoying each other's company. I got to meet the newest baby who is super cute and play with the other kids as well. I also took a friend up with me and my parents, which was also fun since we enjoy most of the same activities.
After a few days up there with family and friends, we drove down and had dinner with my sister, and stayed at a hotel near her. Hot tub....movies...good food...very nice. I even took a menu with me (I didn't steal it, I did ask.)
Sunday, we went to church at my home church and got to see a few friends, two of whom are now engaged (congratulations), had lunch with the grandparents, picked up a friend who needed a ride back down to our city, and drove in the car home. There were 5 of us and all of our stuff in the car, a bit cozy but fun. Now, I am enjoying one last day with mom and dad before they leave. All in all a good week!


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and Mom and Dad had fun too, you are a great host(ess)

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