02 February 2007

An Adventure

While meandering about in one of the large cities near me, I came across one of the liberty ships from World War II. Thinking it would be interesting for a history lesson, I took the tour - normally self guided, but ran into the guy I think was the acting Captain. He was giving a good friend of his a tour of the ship (behind the scenes if you will), and invited me to come along. It was so cool. Many people don't know this but I love learning about this period of history (Band of Brothers is one of my favorite "movies") and this ship had seen D-Day and time in the pacific as well as taking American war brides home from Australia at the end of the war. One of the best parts was in the second cargo hold was a model (I can't remember the actual name) of Omaha beach after it had been taken and men and supplies were being unloaded. Two artists from France had made it and given it to the ship. It showed the beach, the ships sunk to form the break water, little people, sand from the actual beach and little coils of wire. There were even little feet prints across some of the sand. And of course, the ship I was on was also in the model. It was amazing and maybe one of the more interesting things I've done in a while.


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