02 February 2007


So, my computer is back up and running and so I have tried to catch you up on the main things I have done, but many of the humorous stories I wanted to put on have been forgotten. OH well. When UPS came to deliver my computer back to me, I had just returned from a hike where I had gotten stuck in the pouring rain. I was in wet shorts and a tshirt (having left the muddy warm layers of clothing on the front porch, when there was a knock on the door. I was so cold that my hands were shaking. The UPS guy didn't even blink, just asked for my signature (which was done in an extremely unsteady hand) and left. They must see alot of strange things.
Thinking about it, I should mention the adventure hike that led to this situation. The footbridges at one of the places near my house are out for the season, so to hike you have to go around through the campgrounds to....a dead end where the river/stream meets the ocean. After trying to go around and find another way, there was nothing for it but to ford the stream in bare feet and continue hiking in wet, sandy feet in socks and shoes. Wouldn't you know, it started pouring right then too, so no matter what it would have involved water. AFter hiking as long as possible before the cold really set in, the trail back led to yet another place where the bridge was out. At this point, I was soaked through all 3 layers and really, what is fording another bit of water once you are that wet. Well, it was fun and an adventure (the same place I had that crazy hiking adventure in the summer..see the archives to find it.) To cap off the experience, I was closing the back door after getting rid of some of my wet layers adn I didn't get out of the way completely. So, I ended up slamming the door into my hip and side....needless to say, it hurt and I had quite a tender side for a few days. My uniform hit right on it too, but I'm better now.


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