20 February 2007

Work Stories

So, yesterday at work, I got put in a time out....I know, normally for children, but apparently for adults too. Here is the story. We have these cast iron stands that we sometimes use on our displays. Well, I dropped one yesterday and kind of caught it on my hip, but it didn't stay and it definitely fell down, hitting my shin on the way down. There was this big thunk (one of my co-workers heard it from outside the room) and my voice saying "ohh..that is going to hurt." It definitely hurt alot and I had to walk it off a bit. My supervisor looked at me kind of limping and made me show it to her, and then she said that I had to sit down and ice it (which I was planning to do later on our break) but she said no right now, and to grab the milk crate, and sit there for 5 minutes. So, I did it and it felt like I was on time out for wrong doing. Then, when I thought surely it must be near the end, she left the room and said I had to sit there 5 more minutes. Then, she brought me a time out snack. I wanted to get a paper towel to take my retainers out and eat the snack, but I had our other co-worker get the towel, because I didn't want to move and possibly get another 5 minutes. Not to fret though, I just have a bruise on my hip and my shin and that is it.
IN other work related stories, and another work wound, I caught part of my fingernail with the back end of my knife where it makes the edge, and it took off about 1/3 of my fingernail and some of the underlying skin....it hurt and was tender for about 5 days, so typing was not something I wanted to do, but it is better now, and I just have to wait for the nail to grow back.


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