01 June 2007

The Wilderness Trail

So, T and I went hiking the other day, on a trail whose designation was "North Wilderness Trail." And when they say wilderness, they mean wilderness. We started off on a path that was little more than a trail maybe 3-4 inches wide through golden fields of weeds (pretty though.) I have a tick paranoia so I was covered in this cream that slows them down. Anyway, it was pretty fun because it was easy to pretend that we were scouts on an expedition to make sure the road was clear for the wagons...there were even good rocks for Indian lookouts to have been. (O.k. so maybe the imagination never grows up.) It was so fun, and we did eventually run into a few more people, one couple warned us about the ticks in the valley, they had found some on themselves. and I reapplied the cream. It was a fun day and as far as I can tell, neither of us came out with ticks at the end, although I made frequent checks on myself throughout the day.
One funny thing though occurred when we got in the car to drive out to the park. I looked over and realized that we were wearing the same colors....red shirts and khaki shorts...different colored khaki shorts, but needless to say, it was a bit embarrassing. We dressed alike unintentionally, which has not happened to me since my twin sister and i lived together and had similar wardrobes. I wasn't too fond of it then, and it is embarrassing when it is not your twin to be dressed alike, so we decided that if we took any pictures, one of us would have to wear a jacket. Made me laugh though.


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