11 September 2007

Wedding Planning

This is an interesting thing....planning a wedding. So many decisions to make that don't just affect me. It's a bit crazy, and if you know me, you know that making lots of decisions in short amounts of time is not exactly my favorite thing. Mom just came down for a week to help me, adn I will admit by the end I needed a break from wedding stuff. My sister informed me today that planning a wedding is supposed to be fun.....I don't think I"m the typical girl. Or maybe I need an attitude adjustment. Or maybe it is fun because it is something the girl has dreamed of and planned for a long time (not me, never even thought about it much until now when it has to be planned.) I am excited to start a new life with T, no doubts on that, and I'm looking forward to having a fun day, it is just getting there. I will admit that every time we decide on one more thing and the planning is more solidified, I get more excited.

Things accomplished so far: the date, January 5 for those who need to mark that down. I have a wedding dress, can't tell you what it looks like for it would ruin the surprise (and I'm not sure I have the proper vocabulary to describe it anyway. Deer in headlights look for sure.) The program is mostly written, thanks to T, who did a great job. the address list is being formed. We have our officiant and have started premarital counseling. In all, lots has been done, now to finish it!! I am looking forward to a fun day though that I know will be worth all this planning! Thank you mom and dad and T and T's family and our friends for all your help!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mom was pretty tired of wedding stuff, too! But it will be worth it when the big day comes!

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