02 August 2007

A Visit to my sister

My sister recently moved to a place out in the country, so for one of my days off, I went up to visit her. It was so fun and so quiet out there. The place they are renting is on a piece of property that has all sorts of fruit trees, goats, chickens, and so many vegetables and fruit.
I was concerned that maybe my sister's dog would not take kindly to me, so I was prepared a little bit to do what I needed to so she would like me. At first she just barked and growled, but then I sat on the floor and didn't move. Eventually, she came and sniffed my ear, my back, then came around the front, sniffed my face and then licked me from my nose to my forehead. Disgusting...but worth it because after that she liked me. The cats did not take nearly as long to warm up to me, and last night, the skittish one actually slept with me. Just like old times. Glad I went and visited before summer was over.


Blogger Matt Mikalatos said...

so... anything new happening in Monterey?

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