14 July 2007

Fourth of July

After visiting Charleston, I flew home and drove up to the mountains to spend some time with my family, especially my parents and my nieces. I had so much fun and it was good to see them all. We went swimming and had good times. My nieces had been with my parents for a week, while my brother and his wife were on a business trip, and Mom and Dad had helped them learn to swim without their life jackets. When I got in the pool, they would swim from the step to me. With the older one, I would inch back until I could tell she was starting to struggle, and would stop. She kind of caught on and accused me of doing it. The next day, I did the same thing and she said that I was doing the same thing as Grandaddy. It made me laugh that Dad and I do the same thing. The younger one finally got up the nerve to go down the slide if someone went with her. That was fun too. It is a bit of a challenge to go down the slide with two people. Getting up the last stair and getting her on your lap was a bit of a trick. We had a lot of fun, and I got lots of water up my nose and stuck in my ear. Eventually, after going down the slide with some of the others, she decided to go down by herself and then she was addicted. It was funny to watch her slide, get out, wait her turn and slide again. The best part was that she started holding her breath from the very top, as soon as she got up to the last stair. It was a crack up.


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