02 July 2007

Patriot's Point Park

This is a cool place to go for the morning. It has the USS Yorktown, an aircraft carrier, as well as a WWII submarine, a destroyer and a coast guard cutter. It was an interesting experience and fun to see how people live on those kinds of ships and boats. If I may say though, the coast guard cutter had the most room for living quarters and would be a good choice for those who like a little more space. The Yorktown also houses the new Medal of Honor museum, which was amazing. It was really well done and informative. Hot and humid though, so if you go, take your water with you.

We continued the day by having a picnic lunch, not realizing that where we chose had quite a few mosquitos...in fact, the whole area does. I must have gotten one every 30 seconds or so. Crazy, but it is easier to not scratch when you have multiple bites than if you only have one.


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