14 July 2007

Home Again

After being in the mountains, my parents and the girls came down to my place to visit with me and to go to the beach and the aquarium, and a very fun park that I discovered. In fact, I go with friends and their kids to this park when I can. At the beach, two good friends from here joined us for some shell hunting, and we had a fun time. I had to go to work, but my family went to all the fun things to do. Unfortunately, I got home after the girls were in bed, and left to go back to work before they were awake, so mom and dad brought them to work where I could see them, and hear about their day at the aquarium and the park. My supervisor and boss came to hear about it too. And then to say goodbye, each of the girls sang us a song of their choice. Not only are my nieces extremely cute, they also have good voices. It is fun to listen to them.


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