02 October 2008


We have been enjoying our time with T's parents here in CO. WE went hiking up to Flat Top Mountain yesterday and go to see aspen changing colors and new snow on the peaks. I'll get some pictures up here at some point. We had a great 9 mile hike, but I ended up getting a headache once we got to the car, so there were a few not so nice hours, but it cleared up in time for an excellent dinner of grilled salmon and twice baked potatoes. We have been loving home made food!! I think it will be quite a while before we take that for granted.

Today, T and I were just able to relax for the morning and run errands for our upcoming backpacking trip on the way to WA. This afternoon, we went on a 20 mile bike ride around Loveland with his mom, and we are having homemade pizza tonight!


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