23 May 2007

Good News!!

Well, I am no longer using dial up connection and have DSL, which will hopefully help my blogging to become more regular. I kept waiting for a day off thinking I could go to the library and use the wireless connection because then I could put pictures on my blog, but work got busy and my one day off would be used to catch up on everything else. So, hopefully now that I can do this before or after work, it will be more consistent. We shall see.

A fun hike

A couple of weeks ago, I went with a friend to a local national park/monument that was so cool. It had it's own microclimate. We had to drive from the valley up a small mountain to get there. One the way, we passed a circus and could see the elephants. So cool! Anyway, we get up there and the microclimate is one of the desert. They had lots of lizards, snakes and even roadrunners. The best part is it has a few caves you can go through. The write up says "Flashlight required. Some scrambling." It was fun, here is a pic of me about to go into the cave.
At one point, as we were walking, my friend stopped me and said, "Is that what I think it is?" Sure enough, on the path in front of us was a snake, but I pointed out that it had no rattles and suggested that we go around it. It didn't move at all, wasn't interested in us. Just as well. We hiked about 9 miles or so, and the temperature ended up climbing to around 96 degrees, which was a nice change from the foggy 60 degrees we are used to. After the hike, we drove down the mountain and lost 20 degrees in temperature. It was crazy!


Are you a person who eats spicy food? Well, I'm not too fond of spicy food and had an interesting experience at work the other day. We were crazy busy so two of the guys from the hot food side came and helped us. One of them prepped the guacamole for me, and later on, I put it together and as I tasted it, got one of the jalapeno chunks (they were bigger than I usually cut them, but I won't complain with the help.) Anyway, my mouth was on fire and it was so hot, that I could feel the burning from my throat to my ear canal. It was a strange feeling....like the whole ear canal was burning. Beware the spicy and the effects on the ear!