26 March 2007


I know, I know, it has been awhile since I wrote. What happened to that resolution to try to communicate better. All I can say is I'm trying and will continue to try to get better at filling you all in. In other news, the nail I wrote about chopping off about a month ago is almost grown out, and other than that it has been pretty quiet on my side of life.

Birthday dinner

For dinner, on the actual night of my birthday, my two closer friends in the area made me dinner and my traditional birthday cake of funfetti. Ah, it doesn't get much better than hanging out with friends, eating lamb spaghetti ( a definite favorite of mine) and then roasting marshmallows over a wood fire in the charcoal grill. Such a nice evening! Just what I would have wanted, and low key with hardly any red face inducing attention.

Talking about being embarrassed....the guys at work did a good job of it. We were plating up a dinner the night after I returned from my trip, and one of the guys decided everyone in the kitchen should sing happy birthday to me, including all of the guys from stewarding. I turned so red (but so did the guy who instigated it.) I think maybe he was not ready for me to turn quite so red and so he did too. Nice to know people care.

Other visits!

I visited two other places on the birthday trip. I went and met my nephew and his mom for the first time, and really enjoyed it. We went to a Purim festival. and then I drove north a bit to visit some really good friends of mine who had moved down there from home. What a great time talking to their kids and catching up with them and just chilling. I stayed the night there and got to hang out a little more before everyone went to work the next day.
Upon reflection of the trip, everywhere I stayed was like a visit home to family and felt totally comfortable. IT is not a feeling that is too apparent here where I live now, but sometimes it is there. It was so nice, but hard to leave that atmosphere too. It is nice to know God gives great friends and family to visit and be with.

Birthday fun

For this year's birthday, I decided to take a few days off of work and go visit some friends in the large southern city to the south. It was so refreshing and restful, even the driving. (Dad thanks for talking to me for an hour and a half on the drive home...couldn't have done it without you!)
My friend, J, and I share a birthday (although different years) and I went to spend a few days with her, and follow some of our traditions. First, dinner at my favorite Mongolian BBQ place of all time, followed by my favorite ice cream homemade cookie sandwich place. AH... A note - anyone who does not know my foreign country travel side would take one look at the dive that is the Mongolian place and never believe i would eat there, but honestly sometimes the dives have the best food.)
We spent the days together running, talking, I watched a movie and she took a nap....so peaceful! On Saturday night, we got dressed up - nice dresses, heels, make-up, and went out with her family to celebrate our birthdays and her mom's new job/promotion. So fun! ANd then, I went to karaoke for the first time ever, and discovered I have a nervous tell...but I am not going to tell you what it is. All in all a great time.

02 March 2007

A Visit

On one of my days off last week, I took a friend to see the university I received my bachelor's degree from. It was so fun to be back in town and hike the canyon by the university. There was a definite adventure involving cows and some stuffed animals I am doing a project with. Pretty funny really. I got to see my old house and walk through downtown and see all the changes and of course get ice cream. then to end the day with a walk on the beach as the sun set (I know I can do that here but the different types of beaches make it a different look. ) Anyway, had lots of fun. I will insert a picture of the cows as soon as I can download them. I brought the wrong connection.

Pine trees

IT is spring here and it has been interesting to watch how everything gets pollinated....cars, walkways, garbage cans, the dust inside one's apartment. Yes indeed. I was cleaning yesterday and sure enough, yellow pine pollen dust, which I am, you guessed it, highly allergic to. No wonder my nose has been running and I haven't caught it yet. Hmm.. anyway, I don't remember it being like this last year. It is kind of gross, because it is all over the walkways and stairs to my apartment, and you can actually see the trail where people have walked. Kind of fascinating really. Then, at work walking in from the parking lot, you can tell the guests from those that live in the area by the lovely sheen of yellow pollen. it is crazy. So, beware the pine in spring!