15 September 2009

A long hike

Pictures to come, but on Saturday, T and I went on a 15 mile hike up to flapjack lakes. It was beautiful and there were still some lingering blueberries. The last 3 miles back to the car were challenging because my legs were a little tired (the trail up was really steep in some places. Then, while T was at work the following day, I went on a 13 mile bike ride which was fun and relaxing, but my legs were still tired so some of the hills were more challenging than normal.

Labor Day Weekend

T's parent's came to visit over the weekend and it was really fun! T had to work most of the days but was able to get Monday off so we could go hiking along the beach. We came back as high tide was almost at it's peak which made for some interesting times, but so much fun. Other things we did included going to Poulsbo and a walk along the beach and looking at the boats, the blackberry festival (it poured rain while we were there leading to:), touring the uss turner joy and eating at a fun pizza place. It was a really enjoyable weekend, and I enjoyed getting to know them better.

Family Photo

A wave just missed me. Jumped fast

It is not paint

Rialto Beach

Fruit from our garden, pics by T