27 February 2006

Reminiscent of Scooby Doo

Today was a beautiful, warm day complete with rain and wind too. The first warm storm since I moved here. Anyway, I didn't know how windy it was until I went out running. The cool thing here is that one can run into and out of the storm all within about a mile. As I arrived at the almost halfway point of the run, the wind picked up, and it was strong. I perservered and kept running, and then realized I wasn't going anywhere even though I was moving my legs, and the guy walking with the wind down the trail was giving me a funny look. Totally reminded me of Scooby Doo when they are trying to run from the "ghost" and their legs move but they don't.

21 February 2006

The Classics

One of my favorite genres of books are the classics, because there are some great quotes and lessons in them. Here is one from one of Louisa May Alcott's books. "...for it is the small temptations which undermine integrity, unless we watch and pray, and never think them too trivial to be resisted."

Donkey Basketball

On my day off yesterday, I went with a coworker and her roommate's brother to Japanese food. The brother is from Mariposa and selling tickets to a game called donkey basketball. It sounds so cool. They cover the gym floor with a tarp, bring in donkeys and play basketball. You have to have hold of your donkey at all times, and can only shoot the basketball if you are on the donkey. No saddles or anything. It sounds like lots of fun. Anyone know someone with donkeys? We could try it. I guess it can get really interesting when the donkeys sit down and refuse to move.....growing up in the mountains must be fun.

16 February 2006

An Encounter

So, I was at work the other day, and ran into my executive chef (boss's boss).....literally. As I was carrying a stack of about 12 glass bowls, I turned the blind corner to climb the stairs to the kitchen and ran smack into the EC...I kind of bounced off a bit (He's a solid guy, and bigger than me) and fortunately he started laughing. I said sorry and continued up the stairs all without breaking a single bowl. That night I got to be the prime rib carver for an event and had a great time. One guy even came up and said he thought no girl should have to work on Valentine's day. So, ladies there is some guy out there looking out for you. (I told him I didn't mind because it was fun.)

13 February 2006

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12 February 2006

The Start

OK, as a new blogger, I'm still trying to figure out how to do some of this like putting up pics and that kind of thing. As I thought about my first entry, I reflected on the myriad of things that could be a start....a culinary mishap perhaps, or a random thought. Instead, I decided to write about my day. I usually start jogging at a place called lover's point near my house and run along the beach towards the wharf, but a coworker asked if I had ever gone the other way from lover's point to the lighthouse and golf course. Today, after jogging the normal route, I went for a walk in the opposite direction, and was astounded by the incredible beauty of the ocean and the trail my friend told me about. The roar and crash of the ocean waves on rocks surrounded by nature, and the peace and calm it always brings. It reminded me of what happens when I get stuck in a rut or routine. It is also beautiful but if I made the choice to never change or try something new, then I would have missed out on an area even more beautiful and refreshing. How many times in my life have I dragged my feet to go in a different direction, even though I trusted God had the right thing in store for me? Every time it has been like today with what the change brings being better than where I was at.