20 February 2007

Work Stories

So, yesterday at work, I got put in a time out....I know, normally for children, but apparently for adults too. Here is the story. We have these cast iron stands that we sometimes use on our displays. Well, I dropped one yesterday and kind of caught it on my hip, but it didn't stay and it definitely fell down, hitting my shin on the way down. There was this big thunk (one of my co-workers heard it from outside the room) and my voice saying "ohh..that is going to hurt." It definitely hurt alot and I had to walk it off a bit. My supervisor looked at me kind of limping and made me show it to her, and then she said that I had to sit down and ice it (which I was planning to do later on our break) but she said no right now, and to grab the milk crate, and sit there for 5 minutes. So, I did it and it felt like I was on time out for wrong doing. Then, when I thought surely it must be near the end, she left the room and said I had to sit there 5 more minutes. Then, she brought me a time out snack. I wanted to get a paper towel to take my retainers out and eat the snack, but I had our other co-worker get the towel, because I didn't want to move and possibly get another 5 minutes. Not to fret though, I just have a bruise on my hip and my shin and that is it.
IN other work related stories, and another work wound, I caught part of my fingernail with the back end of my knife where it makes the edge, and it took off about 1/3 of my fingernail and some of the underlying skin....it hurt and was tender for about 5 days, so typing was not something I wanted to do, but it is better now, and I just have to wait for the nail to grow back.

02 February 2007


So, my computer is back up and running and so I have tried to catch you up on the main things I have done, but many of the humorous stories I wanted to put on have been forgotten. OH well. When UPS came to deliver my computer back to me, I had just returned from a hike where I had gotten stuck in the pouring rain. I was in wet shorts and a tshirt (having left the muddy warm layers of clothing on the front porch, when there was a knock on the door. I was so cold that my hands were shaking. The UPS guy didn't even blink, just asked for my signature (which was done in an extremely unsteady hand) and left. They must see alot of strange things.
Thinking about it, I should mention the adventure hike that led to this situation. The footbridges at one of the places near my house are out for the season, so to hike you have to go around through the campgrounds to....a dead end where the river/stream meets the ocean. After trying to go around and find another way, there was nothing for it but to ford the stream in bare feet and continue hiking in wet, sandy feet in socks and shoes. Wouldn't you know, it started pouring right then too, so no matter what it would have involved water. AFter hiking as long as possible before the cold really set in, the trail back led to yet another place where the bridge was out. At this point, I was soaked through all 3 layers and really, what is fording another bit of water once you are that wet. Well, it was fun and an adventure (the same place I had that crazy hiking adventure in the summer..see the archives to find it.) To cap off the experience, I was closing the back door after getting rid of some of my wet layers adn I didn't get out of the way completely. So, I ended up slamming the door into my hip and side....needless to say, it hurt and I had quite a tender side for a few days. My uniform hit right on it too, but I'm better now.

An Adventure

While meandering about in one of the large cities near me, I came across one of the liberty ships from World War II. Thinking it would be interesting for a history lesson, I took the tour - normally self guided, but ran into the guy I think was the acting Captain. He was giving a good friend of his a tour of the ship (behind the scenes if you will), and invited me to come along. It was so cool. Many people don't know this but I love learning about this period of history (Band of Brothers is one of my favorite "movies") and this ship had seen D-Day and time in the pacific as well as taking American war brides home from Australia at the end of the war. One of the best parts was in the second cargo hold was a model (I can't remember the actual name) of Omaha beach after it had been taken and men and supplies were being unloaded. Two artists from France had made it and given it to the ship. It showed the beach, the ships sunk to form the break water, little people, sand from the actual beach and little coils of wire. There were even little feet prints across some of the sand. And of course, the ship I was on was also in the model. It was amazing and maybe one of the more interesting things I've done in a while.

Japanese Tea Garden

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit a japanese tea garden. It was so beautiful, and once I understood that all of the plants, rocks and even gravel symbolized something, the imagination just took off. One particular part of the garden could have been an island grotto or an ocean carving out the beach, and there was no water in the garden, it was symbolized by gravel. There was this really high round bridge that you could climb over, and I'm serious when I say climb...it was steep! Then, in the middle of the garden, with the sound of the waterfall in the background, was a little tea house, where my friend and I enjoyed oolong tea with japanese cookies and crackers. What does one talk about at a Japanese tea garden besides the beauty? Well, we talked about trust funds and things like that (nerdy I know, but interesting as well.)

The Symphony

I went to my very first symphony ever a few weeks ago. I honestly was not sure if I would like it, but one of my friends is very fond of it, so I decided I'd go and give it a try. Wow!! It was amazing and so cool. The first "act" (for lack of knowledge of symphony terms) was a story about a guy who loses his first love, and is allowed to go to death to retrieve her, but can only bring her back if he does not look at her until they are back in life. Needless to say, he looks and loses her. It was really nice music although originally usic for a ballet, so I wasn't sure where in the story the music was. Relaxing though, and the conductor had a pink lined tail coat on, so when he moved certain ways it would flash...that was a bit distracting. I will admit that by admission, I decided I liked the symphony but was not really sold on it as a great thing. The second "act" proved to be so good, that I left the hall with that feeling you get after watching a good movie or reading a good book. The second part was, I think, Mozart's Mass in C minor, and it included a choir and some amazing (really) soloists. Almost opera in some ways but not. I had no clue anyone could sing one syllable of a word for so many measures, but it was so cool and fun!! There was one soloists who sat on stage for the whole thing, and only sang in the last song. His voice was amazing, but I couldn't help but think that he probably got paid more for sitting on the stage for one night of symphony than I get paid in 6 months.
There is also one other fascinating thing in symphonies. Definitely no talking (I mean it) and you really can't even cough or anything. it was crazy because at the end of each song, there would be a lot of coughing and sounds etc, but everyone must have waited until the end of each song to cough etc. Boy am I glad I didn't have to sneeze or something in the middle of the performance! I had a great time and am glad for the opportunity to experience this particular bit of culture. (By the way, I dressed up and everything and had an amazing dinner (high end pizza).

What I saw

The other night, I was driving by one of the local hotels, and was surprised and tickled to find that right in front, parked at the doors of the lobby, was one of the biggest John Deere tractors I have ever seen. I couldn't find a pic of this particular model, but the back wheel was at least 8-9 feet tall. I definitely laughed....it really was parked right in front. The only thing I could think of was 1) the valet had no clue how to drive it, or 2) there really was no place to park something that big.