17 April 2007

Jury duty

Ah, yes, that civic duty that most people would prefer to get out of then participate in. I'm sure if I was a defendent though, I would want that jury. Anyway, I did my civic duty on Monday and went to jury duty. I didn't really want to get chosen to be in the jury, but knew if I was chosen that I would serve whether I wanted to or not...the beauty of a duty. I was actually fascinated by the whole experience.
Now, I am called for jury duty about every two years like clockwork. It is almost as though the random picking of numbers, randomly waits until the two years is over and like clockwork randomly picks my number again. (If my number was the lotto I would be so excited, but it's not.) Anyway, this was the first time I actually went into the courtroom and sat through the interrogation (in a good way) process to chose a jury. Amazing insight into how the prosecution and defense work. Still very glad I wasn't chosen but glad I got to see how it worked. Honestly the way things are going, I have a feeling in two years, I will randomly be called again, but have a feeling that I will have to actually serve on a jury this time. Being summoned 5 or so times and not having to actually be on a jury seems a bit like pushing my luck. Ah well... all is well that ends well!


05 April 2007

Another day off

I took another of my days off and went and visited my sister. I got to meet some of her students, and they were funny. They asked my sister if I was her daughter, and we just kind of stared at her and said, this is my sister. Ah, the fun of being twins. I walked into the office to get a pass and the administration was funny. I didn't even have to say who I was. Crazy.
It was a good time and got to have dinner with her and her husband at a brewery with pretty good food (the french fries were great!) and also hang out and shop for one of the neice's birthday presents. A good day!

A Hike

One of my days off this week was spent on a little hike. It was pretty fun, and the sun was actually out. The crazy thing about this hike was that it started off looking like the pic on the left....cacti and brush, which was really pretty, and I was commenting on that when the friend I had gone with said that it would get even better. Supposedly we were going to hike into a place that had unicorns, fairies and pixie dust (so we could fly), so I figured maybe a few leprechauns could be thrown in as well. The trail was not that difficult except for a few spots where the step to go up the trail put my knee almost at my chest...a distinct disadvantage, but a great workout. Anyway, we hike back into this second picture....redwoods and waterfalls. We even made it to a place where the creek goes underground and comes back out about 3 feet later. It was pretty cool. Saw no mythical creatures, but did see plenty of shamrocks and got to eat lunch in a sunny glade. Then, went home and took a nap. Lazy I tell you...oh well, maybe I can say it was spring fever?