27 November 2006


Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers...a bit late I know but neverless, happy. My mom and dad came down to visit for a week, and my work gave me 5 days off in a row in order to celebrate with them. Their first night here, they stayed in the hotel I work for, and I got to give them a behind the scenes tour. Mom's favorite spots....the wine room and the floral shop. They also got to meet many of my co-workers who have become like family.
After work the next day, we left to go up to visit our family's best friends in the mountains. I love going up there, it is so beautiful and refreshing, and a true family get together. I think there were about 19 of us all around the table, eating good food and enjoying each other's company. I got to meet the newest baby who is super cute and play with the other kids as well. I also took a friend up with me and my parents, which was also fun since we enjoy most of the same activities.
After a few days up there with family and friends, we drove down and had dinner with my sister, and stayed at a hotel near her. Hot tub....movies...good food...very nice. I even took a menu with me (I didn't steal it, I did ask.)
Sunday, we went to church at my home church and got to see a few friends, two of whom are now engaged (congratulations), had lunch with the grandparents, picked up a friend who needed a ride back down to our city, and drove in the car home. There were 5 of us and all of our stuff in the car, a bit cozy but fun. Now, I am enjoying one last day with mom and dad before they leave. All in all a good week!

01 November 2006


Well, as many of you know, I'm not fond of halloween, and have only carved pumpkins once in my whole life. The smell of the hollowed out pumpkin is a bit much for me. Anyway, I carved a pumkin with some friends this year and had a great time. I'm going to try to put a pic of it on here if I can get one of it. It actually wasn't too bad, and a friend cleaned out the guts for me so I wouldn't have to smell quite so much of it. A true friend right there. So, for those of you who were calling me a halloween scrooge, at least I had fun carving my pumpkin, although to me it was more of a fall thing than a halloween thing.

This one is disgusting

O.K. if you have germ or other phobias or just can't handle uncleanliness, this entry is not for you. In fact, I myself was a bit um...grossed out. Just a bit, but I"ve had to deal with this kind of thing before. Here goes. So, my vacuum cleaner broke a few weeks ago, and to tell the truth, I was never quite sure it did the greatest of jobs, but it did pick up some of the junk in my carpet. So, I borrowed a friend's vacuum to clean my carpet, and wow, this vacuum was amazing (and mine obviously wasn't working well, as you will see.) About two thirds of the way across my carpet, I started smelling a burning smell. If this has ever happened to you (especially as a girl) you might know what it was. Dad showed me how to deal with this problem before. So, I tilted the vacuum over and sure enough, the bristle roller was so clogged with hair that it wouldn't move very well, hence the burning smell of the hair. So, I grabbed some trusty scissors, cutout all the hair and cleaned the bristles so well, that it will be returned in great condition. Talk about a hairball, yikes! In fact, I revacuumed my house and cleaned out the vacuum one more time to be on the safe side. At least now I know it won't happen again. New vacuum, here I come.