13 June 2006

A Fun Book

If you want a fun, easy to read book, try this one about the sisters Grimm. It is a humorous kids tale that has many of your favorite fairy tale characters. I laughed, and the best thing is when I looked it up to get picture, I found out there are two more books in the series.

Lawn Statuary

I walked to work today through the forest, which is always a delightful experience. There are a myriad of trails to choose from so every walk is like a choose your own adventure book. It is really alot of fun. Today, on my way home, I was gawking at houses on my way home, and came across a lawn that had a lawn ornament of a very realistic looking deer. That is when the deer's head moved and looked straight at me. Very realistic lawn ornament since it was alive. As I passed by, I looked at it and behind the doe was a little fawn, still with spots, that was feeding on the houses topiary. A bit farther on, I had stopped looking at houses and was deep in contemplation about what I was going to buy at farmer's market tonight, when a scuffling sound made my head jerk up. To my amusement, there were two more deer eating the lawn of some of the condos. Then, while cutting across the parking lot at the back of a local shopping center, I saw another doe and her fawn. What a great way to enjoy a walk!

The Neighbors

I can actually say that I am happy with my neighbors, and considering I live in an apartment complex that is saying something. I think maybe we all have different schedules. Who knows. BUT one of my neighbors appears to be a thief. I was out watering my "garden" yesterday (consisting of plants outside my front door) when I realized something looked funny. After a moment of thought, I realized someone stole my beautiful, healthy oregano plant, and I had only gotten to use it's bountiful leaves once. AH!!! The interesting thing is, someone really has to go out of the way to take it because I am on the top floor and there is barely any traffic by the door. Maybe it was the people in the complex across the way. I guess my herbs must live inside now. Sigh.

In other news, I woke up early today and went running while it was low tide. Not that the tide bothers my run even remotely, but it does make all the seals get in the water. At one point, I had a seal keeping pace with me while it was swimming. Pretty cool!

11 June 2006

Local News

There are some really fun things that come from living in a small town, especially with its own newspaper. One of my favorite sections is called hometown capers. This is an example of some things that happen in my town.
"Traffic Cones- An officer was dispatched to check on a report of a man throwing rocks onto one of the streets. It turned out the man was throwing pine cones onto the roadway from an island in the middle of the street. He said he wanted cars to run over the cones so they would smash up and make a mess. Police transported the man to his home."

"You've got to know when to Fold them. Officers responded to a report of battery from a man who complained that he had been grabbed by the front of his shirt and physically removed from a poker game. The man could not recall what led up to the incident. Both grabber and grabbed were advised to discuss the matter later, when they were sober."

A Faux Pax

I think that is how you spell that word. O.k. It all happened last week at church. I will make no excuses for this, although I have a few. Anyway, the first Sunday of the month is communion, and I had received my bread and grape juice and was praying and preparing my heart to partake, when it happened. To those of you who know me well, remember what happens if I sit too long and close my eyes....hmmm. Anyway, as I'm preparing, I suddenly jerked from something wet hitting my lap. Yep, fell asleep and my hand tilted with the glass of juice. Not only was I embarrassed, I felt horrible for falling asleep during church while praying. Since we always have communion at the end of the service, I spent donut hour sitting down (although the fact that I was wearing black pants helped hide it.

04 June 2006

Interesting facts

While eating dinner tonight, I started reading the current issue of one of my favorite magazines, Saveur. One of the first items in it is a list of interesting food festivals around the world. At the end of this month, in England, there is a stinging nettle festival which includes an eating contest of uncooked ones. Can you imagine....no thank you. The rules specify you have to eat them with your bare hands. Yikes!

Another thing I saw that was really interesting was an ice cream hatchet from a new collection in a museum in Manhattan. I tried to find a picture because it really is a silver hatchet made just for slicing ice cream, which, should you be interested, ice cream was originally eaten with a fork.

They're back

So, today I "bit the bullet" and drove to the closest big town and went shopping...for about 4 hours or so, looking for a shirt for a wedding I am in. I had no clue finding a white shirt would be such an experience. I'm definitely not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, but I did notice a certain 70's style that has come back into fashion....the tent look. Most of the shirts I found were in that style. My question is, why would anyone want to look pregnant if they aren't. I just don't get it. I wonder if I'm going to have to wait five years before buying new clothes so that the fashion changes. On the bright side, I found a few that might work, so here's hoping I don't have to go shopping again!