29 April 2006

An Interesting Week

Well, the week is almost over and it has been an interesting one. I have given up hope of anyone ever cleaning the lint trap in the dryer, so you will never be subject to another diatribe on that one. My day of mishaps at work written about earlier - did I happen to mention I spilled a bunch of water in another walk in that day too that I had to clean up. Oh well. My boss got electrocuted this week at work, and he's out now for three days or something because his heart keeps skipping beats. I felt bad for him. (It's his 6th time at work being electrocuted or something like that.) I'd say a joke about his magnetic personality, but I don't think it would be appreciated. Yesterday, I got nailed in the head with a 6 inch hotel pan full of cheese, but only suffered a bruise on my finger where the pan eventually landed. Good thing I'm hard headed, eh? We laughed a lot at work yesterday. Ok. Enough rambling. Hope you are all doing well.

26 April 2006

A Day of Mishaps

Today is one of those days one can look back on and laugh, now that it is over. We are having a very busy week at work, and I was going as fast as I could to get my prep list done. As usual, when under time constraints, klutziness wins again. First, I dropped a basket of blueberries in the hall and by the time I found a broom and swept it up, I had lost 5 minutes. (In this job, every minute counts.) Then, at the very end of my shift, we're talking I'm one minute past when I should be clocking out, I knock over this lexan with ice and water in the walk in refridgerator. Quite a puddle, and when I came back from the search for a mop (I had to go to the other side of the building) the puddle had seeped under the door and out into the room I work in. Yikes!! Not to worry though, I cleaned it up on my own time (I couldn't rationalize them paying me for my own lack of grace at times.) Ah well, another day in the life.
PS. If refridgerator is spelled wrong, the spell check didn't give me anything close to the word. Sorry

17 April 2006


I was visiting my grandparent's house for dinner and visiting with a guest that was there. She ended up giving me a kinderegg. I hadn't seen a true kinder egg since I lived in Sweden. Yes, it's chocolate, which I am not fond of, but the best part is that inside is a small toy that you put together and it does things. My toy this time was a lady (she looked like a cross dresser to tell the truth) whose head would shake back and forth when you rolled her on her wheels across the table. Mom got a flower that grew. The travesty is that in the States, you can't buy these because the kinder eggs here are toyless. Something about them not being safe for small children who might put them in their mouths. Such fond memories!

13 April 2006

The Noble Art of Weeding

No, I am not talking about the narcotic weed, but the gardening kind of weeding. I've been helping my parents get their house ready to sell, and today I spent about 4 hours weeding the backyard. Now, up front I will say that now that I am an adult, I do like to spend time pulling up weeds; there is something therapeutic about it. Towards the end of the time, I was thinking of all the lessons learned from weeding today from the adult perspective. I know that as a kid I thought Mom and Dad made us pull weeds because it needed to be done, but maybe it could be because of these 3 things weeding cultivates. 1)Patience, 2) Perserverance, and 3) Attention to detail (I found parsley plants growing in 3 unexpected places.) At the moment, I think maybe we could add facing your fears (weeds near the woodpile and the "spider" rose bush.) Please excuse any spelling errors you may find in this entry....my spell check is being blocked.

10 April 2006

An Ah Ha Moment

So, as weird as it may sound, I recently started listening to the country station. I seem to go through phases. There is this one song that every time I hear it I think "Wow, this guys sounds just like Kenny Rogers. That's crazy!" Well, tonight, while helping with a service project for the senior citizens at a friend's house, we were watching the CMT music awards. I mentioned that there was a song where the guys sounds just like Kenny Rogers, but couldn't tell them the name of the song. Then, wouldn't you know it, Kenny Rogers is on the screen being interviewed ( I thought he was dead, but he obviously wasn't.) Then, they ask about his new song, which ends up being the one I was talking about earlier. AH HA! Kind of embarrassing though. Oh well.

05 April 2006


I've been trying for 20 minutes to get a pic attached, but oh well. So, it is tax season and the thing that runs through my mind every time someone says taxes is a picture of Prince John from Disney's Robin Hood. "Taxes..ah ha. Taxes. Beautiful, lovely taxes. Ah ha! Ah ha!" While I don't share his opinion, I do support the running of the government. I did my taxes myself this year (very interesting) and almost had a heart attack in what I owed. Thankfully, I redid them and found I had done one part wrong, so I don't owe anything. Ah the relief!

A Day off

Today was a great day off. Not only did it stop raining, the sun came out. After I went running, I scrambled down the ice plant covered rocks and found a natural rock chair from which to enjoy the sights and ocean sounds in the sun! So nice. One of the things I did on my day off yesterday was go to the Aquarium. I love watching the penguins play, and I never knew there were so many kinds of jellyfish. (There are even some fun play areas although they are supposed to be for kids.) These two days were attempts to slow down and yet get the things done I am responsible for. I hope you found a way to enjoy life today!

03 April 2006

Prank Night

I had fun tonight and a part of my personality that stays hidden made an appearance. Since it was the first night we had all been together for about a month and a half, we ended up talking and just sharing what is going on in our lives, and since half of us have been on trips recently, it was a lot of fun. We finally decided to just have hang out night, so refreshing, which led to us playing a prank on the fiance of one of the girls. They nominated me to do it because 1)I could do it without laughing, 2) I had the best southern accent (be proud Mom!), and 3) he wouldn't know my mobile phone number. My persona was Diana, the coworker of the rental car agent where he got his car and I was calling to see how the car was and if he needed a tour guide for the next day. He knew it was a joke, but played along, which meant I had to play along, and after about 5 minutes or so, he boxed me into a corner where I couldn't not laugh. Then, all the girls laughed so hard and I just handed the phone off to his girlfriend. I guess when I meet him at the wedding, I'll have to ask about the Dodge Neon.


I know lint gets an incredible amount of space on this blog, but it might be because other people's lint disgusts me. Yes, it happened again. As I went to use the dryer tonight...I found the worst case of lint ever....blue, with hair, and eyelashes and a few things I couldn't identify but tried not to touch. I think I will buy a pair of laundry gloves...but I guess then they would be just as contaminated, and harder to wash. Just in case you think I am overeacting, remember that we all have staph breeding in our skin etc, and it is not killed by heat.

02 April 2006

A Day Off

Yesterday, one of the things I did on my day off was play basketball and then tennis with a friend. I will be the first to admit, my tennis game is not great. It might be better if the court were about twice as long as it is...my chances of hitting it in the lines would be much better. I also found out I somehow put some sort of spin on the ball when I hit it, which makes it hard to return. Needless to say, we did alot of running. Fun though. I'm better at basketball for sure, not great but better. I thought I got off easy today when I woke up and wasn't sore at all, but this afternoon, once the weather changed to rainy, one whole side stiffened up...tomorrow at work should be fun.

Enjoying Life

Everytime I check my brother's blog I am inspired to be better at writing on my own. Expect more consistency on my part. I was reading a book the other day and came across this great quote. "Most of the time we rush around and never realize what is around us...because we're too busy to let ourselves live in the moment." This is something that I have realized in the last two months. Here I am living by the ocean and the woods, and I don't take advantage of that as often as I would like to or should. How about you? Are you too busy to enjoy the scenery around you? It is a great time of year to look around with the buds starting to appear on the bushes and trees, and it is staying lighter longer. Ah...spring!