20 March 2009

Kid's play place

T and I decided to have a little fun while we were out running errands tonight, so I suggested we go to chuck e cheese to play skee ball and any other game we saw, hopefully pinball and air hockey. We kind of laughed. The games are definitely for little people, but we still had a lot of fun. i lost by one point in air hockey (we had to play on our knees to comfortably reach the board), and I think we ended up even in wins and losses at skee ball. It was fun to get out for awhile.

Hot? tub

T and I were excited to go into our apartment complex's hot tub today. We walked down through rain and chilly gusts of wind and got in. Um...I looked at T and asked if it seemed a little cold. We didn't stay in really long in all honesty. It was actually kind of miserable. We were getting ready to go tell the office, when one of the handymen came in to check the temperature and we found out it was not even at body temperature, which is why it felt so uncomfortable. Tomorrow it should be nice and Hot!!

16 March 2009


Mom and Dad came and visited this weekend and we had a nice relaxing time, watched a movie, hung out, played games and ate really good food! We woke up on Sunday morning to see it snowing, the beautiful giant flakes that come down and are hard not to watch because of their picturesqueness. We got about 5 inches, but it disappeared by evening from the afternoon showers. This is one of the few places I can think of where it snows, gets sunny, rains and then gets sunny again all in one day. It is amazing to watch!

Dungeness Spit

Last Sunday, T and I hiked out to the lighthouse at the end of the Dungeness Spit. We hiked out during higher tide, and it was slow going, big rocks and trees to climb over and walk on. The trick is to wait for the tide to get lower, which helped us on our way back. The very end of the spit is a refuge, and we saw about 9 bald eagles, one of whom was a juvenile. We even got to go up into the lighthouse in the cupola that houses it and look around. It was cool! The sun was shining that day and we had a nice relaxing day. Pictures to come when we unload T's camara! We also forgot to set our clocks ahead which made for an interesting day.

02 March 2009

Olympic National Park


On Saturday, i was able to go snowshoeing through the recreation department. Normally, t and I would go on our own, but he was on a business trip so I signed up. It was alot of fun! WE went up to Hurricane Ridge and snowshoed to Hurricane Hill. There was a part on the edge of the mountain that was a little bit interesting. Once we hit the top the wind was blowing so hard and the snow was hitting us like little ice pellets. There was a unusual looking cloud ahead of us, so our guide made the decision to turn around, and it was a good one. It started snowing right when we were almost back. We went about 6 miles, I was definitely starting to feel it at the end and almost tripped a couple of times. I did cross the back of my snowshoes once (they are longer than ones I have used before) and fell, and I kind of wonder about the waterproofness of my pants, but still a really fun day, clear and pretty warm. I did come home and go in the hot tub and watch a movie the rest of the night though.