02 June 2009

Olympic Coast

Toleak Point

This last weekend was beautiful, so T and I went and camped on the olympic coast. We hiked about 6 miles into camp across beaches, over bluffs (with really steep ladders), and rock climbing. We had so much fun and had a great time of relaxing together, reading and taking walks. The sunset was great and it was never really too cold. We even slept with the tent fly off, which was cool. There were quite a few bald eagle nests around so we had eagles flying overhead. We even saw what looked like a seagull playing tag with an eagle...I"m thinking the seagull may not have been that bright. We got to camp just after the peak of low tide so we went tidepooling. I think the tide may have been almost a bit too low, but it was still really fun. T is going to help me get one of those slide shows on here that you can just click on to see the pictures, but until then, I will put some up on the blog too. The bridge to take us there the fast way was closed, so we went the beautiful southern route over to the coast. Actually both routes are very pretty but in different ways. One of the perks of camping and backpacking is that T always cooks, and he does a great job!! He helps at home too, don't get me wrong, but he does most of it. Although I did learn on the Yosemite trip how to actually light the stove.