27 August 2007

Family pics

Mom and dad had fun too!

Crazy, but good news

So, during the visit to see T, we talked about our future and have decided to get married. No engagement story yet, but the planning has begun. Look for future updates on that whole process.


The only one

I also got to go to the only American tea garden. It was so fascinating to see how tea is grown and harvested here, and then to enjoy some sweet tea. I really like that stuff. Here are some pictures of the tea plant. I had fun, and mom and dad seemed to enjoy it too. I had a buddy there too.

A fun sign in the Swamp

The swamp

A few weeks ago, I went to visit T out in South Carolina, and it was pretty fun because mom had a business trip out there at the same time, and rented a beach condo for the weekend. It was so nice! There were lightning storms and all sorts of things. We also went and visited a local swamp. Here are some of the friends we found there. (Of course the spiders creeped me out no end.) The alligator was really cool too.

02 August 2007

A Visit to my sister

My sister recently moved to a place out in the country, so for one of my days off, I went up to visit her. It was so fun and so quiet out there. The place they are renting is on a piece of property that has all sorts of fruit trees, goats, chickens, and so many vegetables and fruit.
I was concerned that maybe my sister's dog would not take kindly to me, so I was prepared a little bit to do what I needed to so she would like me. At first she just barked and growled, but then I sat on the floor and didn't move. Eventually, she came and sniffed my ear, my back, then came around the front, sniffed my face and then licked me from my nose to my forehead. Disgusting...but worth it because after that she liked me. The cats did not take nearly as long to warm up to me, and last night, the skittish one actually slept with me. Just like old times. Glad I went and visited before summer was over.

I know

OK I know, I'm not good at updating this, but I am writing now. As is common in my line of work, I have a new cut. It is not bad, just nicked the tip of my thumb when the baby carrot I was cutting rolled unexpectedly. The best part was the tip didn't come off completely so it sped up the recovery process. Nice eh?