26 November 2007


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays....it may even be my most favorite. It is a time to give thanks for what we have been given, and spend time with friends and family. I worked on Thanksgiving, but drove up and joined my family in the mountains for a few days just after I got off of work. (Well, I did stop at home and take an hour nap before I went...anyone who knows me and driving will think that was a great idea.) We had a great time. On Friday, we had a baby shower for one of my cousins, and it ended up being family only...we had 10 ladies there, and it ended up being just the family. Dad and I went scouting around the garage for my backpack, which we eventually found. It was such a refreshing time. I have spent the rest of the weekend at home relaxing and getting some stuff done that I need to. Tomorrow, it is back to work.

Wedding update

Just before thanksgiving, mom and dad came down and wen tot the menu tasting with me. We picked out food and organized things and had fun. I am so grateful for helpful parents. We even addressed all the invitations and sent them. It is nice now that things are starting to wind down a little bit. I will admit that in some ways, planning a wedding is harder than I thought it would be and in others, easier than I thought it would be. I even had the dress fitting and everything. I will admit that I have gotten a little cranky every once in a while, but no bridezilla. We get quite a few of those at work. It is all about perspective though, and I am looking forward to hanging out with friends and family and being with T in the end.

Now, I just have to finish packing up my apartment, which will take me awhile because I am trying to get rid of stuff at the same time. I like getting rid of stuff!

Paddle Ball

I was journaling on the beach today, enjoying the warm sun (autumn sun doesn't burn), when an older man, in only a speedo, and his friend started playing paddle ball on the beach. I think that maybe there should be indecency laws or something. Oh well.

The first of the season

No, I'm not talking about the first of the Christmas season (which is getting a little out of hand.) Stores had Christmas decorations up and Christmas music playing the week before thanksgiving. A little much for me. Last night was the first night in 8 months that I closed my window before going to bed. The nights are getting a little chilly with nice crisp air to breathe. I like it! The only downfall is it makes it a touch difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Good thing the sun is still shining!!