22 April 2008

Butterfly house

He's a Man Eater

21 April 2008

Cypress Gardens

Last week, T and I had the same day off, and decided to go to a local place called Cypress Gardens. It was so neat! We went into the butterfly house, and visited the tortoises and crocodiles. There was an aquarium, but I will admit that I was spoiled living in Monterey. There also a lake that you can go row around with in a row boat. T and I took one out and saw waterlilies, lots of turtles and a baby alligator. We rowed under two bridges, and then went for a walk around the lake. There are 4.5 miles of trails out there, and we didn't scratch much of the surface of them. We are looking forward to coming back. We even bought a year pass, because it was so nice there and I could go there at some point and read or journal. It is fairly safe<> i just somehow locked the period key in uppercase> sorry

A New Animal

WE were eating breakfast this morning when T said to listen carefully. That's when I heard it...we have an owl now in one of the trees outside our apartment. So cool!

13 April 2008

A Picture of the Past

Flower in Plantation Garden

Boone Hall Plantation

After the race, we came home, took showers and ate lunch. We spent the afternoon at the Boone Hall Plantation. It was really nice. There weren't too many people there that day, which was a nice change after the crowds downtown after the race.

This plantation is a still working plantation, and the owners have opened the house and everything, because they live farther back on the property. It has had quite a history. Many of the bricks that built Charleston way back when, were made on this property and ferried across the river. Then, it became a rice plantation. We listened to the way the rice was grown and harvested. Fascinating! We got to see the slave row quarters for the household servants, and there was a butterfly house. It was especially pleasant to walk through the gardens. A fraternity was holding their dinner there and all the girls had dressed up as southern belles and the guys as confederate soldiers. My computer went down and I cant get to my pictures, so I am using T's dad's pictures.

After the Race

Running the race

08 April 2008

Cooper River Bridge Run

This last weekend, I ran in my first race, a 10K (6.2 miles), that went over one of the bridges here. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to run the whole way, since I had never run that far before. It ended up being very fun, and I finished with a better time than I thought. I ran it in 54 minutes and 8 seconds. WOOHOO!!! T finished it much faster and his mom came in at just over and hour I think. I didn't think I would like it at first. The start was poorly organized and I couldn't get up to my start point, then, it was hard to truly run, because I was offroading to try to get around people while in a crowd, but halfway up the incline of the bridge, it cleared out, and I enjoyed in much more. I think I would do it again, although I went running today (two days after, and my legs got sore really fast.) Fun though.

New Frank Pictures

I found Frank sunning himself in the non-existent sun today as I was running around out complex, so I got my camera and took a pic. This picture may be too small to see it, but he is looking straight at me....I got a little nervous to tell you the truth. He also likes to exercise in the pond. (T's dad took this picture of him swimming.) I can't find the swimming picture just now, so will post it when I can.