10 March 2010

The Long Way Home

Charlie West is on the run from the terrorists he escaped and the police who think he has killed his best friend. There is a whole year of his life that he cannot remember, which includes his romance with the girl he has always wanted to date. In an attempt to clear his name and figure out if he really did commit the crime he was accused of, he returns to his hometown to hole up in an old mansion. While there, he learns part of the truth and the loyalty of friendship.

I really liked this book. I read it and decided I would have liked to read the first one. It is a stand alone book, the author does a good job of describing what occurs in the first book. I would like to finish the series. It is interesting and action packed..very hard to put down. The characters are well developed but could have been developed a bit more. It is not of huge substance but nice as a book to check out of reality for a while.

Munich Olympics Site

Our visit to the Munich Olympic site was nice. WE had a great walk and were totally cold from the snow and then we stepped into the beautiful swimming hall where it was nice and warm. We would love to swim there, but we hadn't brought our suits.

Museum of Science and Technology

We went to this museum that was something like 6 floors and we could have spent even more time there than we did. They had full boats, the U-1, all sorts of aircraft, a manufacturing area...I can't even describe it. WE had fun and I learned all about diffusion nuclear stuff and other information I don't quite remember but that I enjoyed hearing about from Todd.


We spent our first day in Munich at Dachau, which was a sobering yet informative day.