05 November 2008

Fall Colors

A visit

Mom and Dad came to visit last week, and they brought us a beautiful bench that a friend made for our wedding and had just finished. We took them out to Olympic NP to show them the colors and had a good time. It was gorgeous out there, and mom was able to get some funny pictures of us.

The Corn Maze

Last week, we went to a corn maze that had a mystery you had to figure out. Which was a great idea, but could have been so much more. You had to find all the letters hidden in the maze and then unscramble them to come up with the mystery word. T figured it out first. I had one of the words, but could not figure out the second.

Olympic National Park, part 1

On our first weekend here, T got off early enough on Sunday for us to drive out to the park and take a hike. It was beautiful out there. We hiked up to a lake, which took us through some great countryside. We had a lot of fun, and maybe we both got a blister from the steepness of the trail. Good exercise and time together!

Costume Party

T and I went to a costume party the week before Halloween. It was fun. The food was really good, we lost spectacularly in ping pong to T's boss and his wife, and I got to meet the people T works with. Now when he mentions someone's name, if I don't remember who that is, I just ask what costume they were wearing. Whatever works, right?

Salmon jumping at Dyes Inlet