31 October 2007


I know, surprises....one never knows. Really it is just that surprise I'm actually posting without a month in between!! We've been really busy at work, which I actually enjoy alot...my budget also enjoys it. Anyway, I came home the other night and pulled into my street to find something that looked like a water fountain coming out of my apartment complex. Stymied, I parked my car and walked up the first flight of stairs (getting splashed) and up to my apartment, where I could look down and see that a pipe had burst or something. I called all 3 numbers for my landlords, but couldn't even get their machine, so I hoped someone else had called them. they showed up about a half hour later. The crazy thing is that the kids next door were watching it and playing in it...at 10:30pm. Crazy!

Another unusual thing happened in my apartment complex the other day too. I came home from work and went to park,and realized some unknown person had parked their car right in the middle of my parking space and my neighbor's parking space. I was at a loss how to find this person, and was looking to see if anyone was paranoidly looking out the window, when my neighbor pulled up and tried to park, but he couldn't either. So, we talked for about 10 minutes, and were just getting ready to try to find street parking, when the person came and moved their car!! Yay!! But the good thing was that I got to meet my neighbor...I just need to work on remembering names. Sigh.

17 October 2007

It is Official!

T and I are officially engaged! He proposed while I was out there visiting. This is a picture of the ring he got me. I know, there is no stone on it, but it is exactly what I wanted (I even got to pick it out.) Anyway, here is the story how it happened. T came into the room I was sleeping in on Sunday morning and woke me up with breakfast in bed. As he handed me a homemade waffle with strawberries and whipped cream, he got down on one knee by the bed. (I made him wait so I could put my glasses on.) And then he asked me to marry him. (I think it may have helped that he knew the answer to that question.) It was so nice, and I'm glad it wasn't in front of a ton of people. At one point on the dance floor at the ball, the DJ had all the guys get on one knee in front of the ladies they were dancing with, and my heart kind of skipped a beat because I wasn't sure if he was going to propose then or not. That, I think, is part of the fun of not knowing is the anticipation.

The Navy Ball

I just got back from visiting T for this year's navy birthday ball. It was so fun! It was nice to get to see him as well. It had been several months. It makes a huge difference when you attend these functions with friends. We even went out and attempted to dance. We don't have the best rhythm, which is o.k. and it hurts my arms to put them around his neck for some of the slower songs, so I have to put them around his waist...maybe I should try taller shoes, but then I might trip. Anyway, the food was good, the company was excellent and we had fun.

A Funny Sign

While looking for a location to have a wedding, mom and I checked out a local golf course country club that shared a driveway with a church. They are the only things on the road, and this was the sign at the T at the dead end.

Garden Pictures

My nieces, Z and A, like to take pictures, so I gave them my camera and they went and took 4 pictures each in the backyard. Here are some examples of them.

A flower's friend

K found this little guy hanging out in her garden and I thought it was funny!

Surprise Visit

Towards the end of September, I ended up getting 3 days off in a row, and decided to go visit my family. It was a crazy whirlwind weekend, but so fun! My nieces and I had a lot of fun playing pony and games, and it was nice to see my brother, sister in law and parents. Not to mention the area is beautiful that time of year. Here are my nieces and I playing in the back yard being silly. I love being an Aunt! My bro and his wife taught me how to play a game called Outrage! that mom had gotten them and me from the U.K. It was really fun, and one of their coworkers came over to play too. I lost incredibly badly....I was put on the rack twice so I had to skip 6 turns. Crazy! O.k. there seems to be something wrong with the upload picture feature, so if you read this before I put up pictures with it, sorry.