17 September 2007

Something Cool

I was out running on the beach trail the other day, and saw the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. I was running by some shrubbery, and about 2 feet in front of me, a falcon swooped down, stuttered in its flight just above the shrubbery, and flew off with a mouse in its talons. It was so cool and I was so close to it!

11 September 2007

Wedding Planning

This is an interesting thing....planning a wedding. So many decisions to make that don't just affect me. It's a bit crazy, and if you know me, you know that making lots of decisions in short amounts of time is not exactly my favorite thing. Mom just came down for a week to help me, adn I will admit by the end I needed a break from wedding stuff. My sister informed me today that planning a wedding is supposed to be fun.....I don't think I"m the typical girl. Or maybe I need an attitude adjustment. Or maybe it is fun because it is something the girl has dreamed of and planned for a long time (not me, never even thought about it much until now when it has to be planned.) I am excited to start a new life with T, no doubts on that, and I'm looking forward to having a fun day, it is just getting there. I will admit that every time we decide on one more thing and the planning is more solidified, I get more excited.

Things accomplished so far: the date, January 5 for those who need to mark that down. I have a wedding dress, can't tell you what it looks like for it would ruin the surprise (and I'm not sure I have the proper vocabulary to describe it anyway. Deer in headlights look for sure.) The program is mostly written, thanks to T, who did a great job. the address list is being formed. We have our officiant and have started premarital counseling. In all, lots has been done, now to finish it!! I am looking forward to a fun day though that I know will be worth all this planning! Thank you mom and dad and T and T's family and our friends for all your help!