24 May 2008

Toxaway River

This is the 220 ft suspension bridge that we hiked to on our day around camp. Fun to walk across, and a picture of the River.

Our Campsite

T crossing the stream as we leave our campsite, and me at our campsite.

Lots of Bridges

T on one of the many bridges we had to cross going in and out of Jocassee Gorge. We took turns going first to be the one to walk through the spider webs, where hopefully there was nobody at home.

16 May 2008


We spent last weekend in the back country here up at jocassee gorge. We had a lot of fun, and it was so relaxing. It was the first time T and I had gone backpacking together (only the second time backpacking ever for me.) We hiked in about 9 miles or so and got the closest camp possible to the edge of the lake where we were at. It was beautiful! I will admit I was very tired by the time we arrived at our campsite, but it was worth it. We took a nap every day and were in bed early as well. IT is kind of muggy here, so I think I only used my sleeping bag once, so I'm glad we went now before it gets too much hotter. The nice thing was that to cool off, we could stick our feet in the stream that we had to cross to get to our site.

On the day between packing in and packing out, we went on a hike farther up the trail. It was a rough part of the trail...lots of stairs and some crazily steep downhill. Definitely wasn't looking forward to the hike back. We made it to the suspension bridge I had wanted to see though, and ate lunch and waded in the river. Since we were kind of tired, and they had drained part of the lake out the day before (a reservoir), we decided we could skip most of the stairs and some of the uphill awaiting us by following the shoreline. It was an adventure at times, but I got to see a beaver! We made it back to camp after trudging up many miles of uphill (so glad we did not have our packs) and took a nap. T had to wake me up.

It rained almost every night, but our tent kept us very dry. We even had a thunder and lightning show one night around 3am. I will admit, I got a little nervous---we were the only ones back there, and I made all sorts of contingency plans for anything that could go wrong. The only thing separating us from anything was a little tent. Anyway, all went well and we hiked back out, and saw about 3-4 downed trees that must have fallen when lightning struck. Crazy. I also think that the vegetation must have grown about 3-4 inches in the time we were back there. I will add some pictures when we download them from T's camera. We didn't get any waterfall pictures though.