31 January 2007

Back in Action!!

Hi Everyone! Well, my computer is up and running again, so look for some new posts in the next few days. I want to include some pictures for some of them, or I would write them now. It is good to be back, and I have forgotten some of the things I wanted to write down. There will be some good stuff though.

14 January 2007

The Problem

I had great hopes of being better at blogging this year, but alas, my computer has gone down and I am currently having to go to friend's houses after work to use their computers, so I am sorry for what will probably be quite a few delays. Just the heads up on if there should be a large break coming up here soon.

A Jazz Concert

This week I had the pleasure of attending a jazz concert that was so fun and the singer had an amazing voice. It was Steven March Tourme sings Mel Tourme. Basically, he put together a concert that was a tribute to his dad's life and music. Now, I'm not all that fond of scat singing, but I overlooked that part to enjoy the rest of the concert. Mel Tourme was great at arranging melodies and all of that, but he also wrote quite a few songs as well. He was one of the co-writers of Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. I told my parents, and they knew who he was instantly, so maybe it is a generation thing. My first clue was that my friend and I were the youngest ones in the audience by at least 10 years in most cases 20 years. Steven would mention other names fro the time period and the whole audience would make awe sounds or sounds of recognition, and I didn't have a clue who he was talking about. It was a fun night and the best part was my friend got tickets for free, so it was an amazing concert for free.

Grandma Grace

This is a tribute to an amazing lady, Grandma Grace. She died shortly after Christmas which was sad, but I did get to go to the memorial, which meant a lot to me. She was an amazing lady. Whenever I stopped in to talk and say hi, she and the men would stop whatever they were doing and listen and talk as if I was the most important thing in their lives at that moment. No matter what job I have been in, or school or country, she was 100%supportive and always wanted to see pictures and hear about it. She had a heart for the world to come to know God personally, and always thought of others. It is partly from her teaching of my mom that we grew up with the outlook that there was always room for one more in the house, especially at dinner. She also loved life and was a huge practical joker. I will miss her but know that I will see her again someday. Really, if I could enjoy life and love that many people and treat everyone as if they were the most important thing at that moment, it would be a fitting tribute to her and all that she role modeled in my life.